Heavy Hitter Ambassador Program

Heavy Hitter Ambassador Program

A key trait of UBC member leaders is their ability to lead by example. Through their words and deeds, other union members are influenced because of the leaders’ reputation and work ethic.

MSCRC leaders — our Heavy Hitters — are in a position to lead by example with a new communication tool our Council is using to raise awareness of the Council: Member Advocacy.

Member advocacy is the promotion of an organization by its key influencers. In this case, our 300-Hitters and 3rd Year Apprentices who completed training. Our Heavy Hitter Ambassador Program involves our leaders voluntarily distributing Council news and information by passing content through their own social media channels.

The goal of this program is to promote ownership and pride of the Council by the members. Therefore, we ask each of our Heavy Hitters to become Ambassadors.

Becoming an Ambassador is an honor. Not only are illustrating your leadership role in the council, but you also set yourself apart as key communicator — a trusted source — among your peers.

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Once you are an ambassador, you will be notified via text or email when a new information item has been added to the MSCRC communication network. This page provides access to our social media networks and gives a one-click method of sharing.

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