Member Incentives
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We are working diligently to make the MSCRC a better Council and provide work opportunities for you the Member. After all that is what it is all about, you being able to provide a good wage and benefits for your family.

Elected officers of the Mid-South Carpenters Regional Council:

  • Executive Secretary-Treasurer: Michael Boner – Local 223
  • President: Rodney Graham – Local 74
  • Vice President: Timothy Burns – Local 1209
  • Executive Committee: Michael Kimberlin – Local 50
  • Executive Committee: Ralph Maddox – Local 318
  • Executive Committee: Albino Balderas – Local 345
  • Trustee: Morris Graham – Local 74
  • Trustee: Donald Trawick – Local 223
  • Trustee: Larry Kerley – Local 345
  • Conductor: Matthew Boner – Local 223
  • Warden: Man Peavy – Local 318

Each local union in the Mid-South Carpenters Regional Council has at least one officer serving with us.

Over the next four years, we look forward to the new and exciting challenges that this team will undertake with your help. We plan to expand our organizing efforts into new areas and markets. A new approach will be necessary to be successful, but with a joint effort by the Business Represenatives and the Organizing Department we will work out a plan that gives us the best possibility for success. We will also be expanding our top down Interior Systems Organizing into other cities within the MSCRC.

The challenges we face are many but the opportunities are great. There is a lot to be won or lost in the political arena. We must all work diligently with the political department to see that we are electing officials at the state and local levels who share our values when it comes to working people. We cannot sit on the sidelines and hope that it all turns out good for our Members. It is up to all of us to work like Hell for those candidates who stand up for working people, and to work just as hard against the ones who would like to see hard working people just scrape by.

I would encourage each member to take advantage of the training being offered through our training departments. We owe it to our employers to provide them with the best trained workforce available. I encourage you to visit your local training office, and sign up for courses that will help expand your work opportunties.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the members of the Mid-South Carpenters Regional Council that have volunteered their time to assist us in our efforts. Without your support we would not be able to accomplish the things we need to do. If you have not been able to volunteer any time in the past I ask you to please help us in the future as your schedule permits. It takes a team effort to be successful and that includes our members and their efforts.

The things that we have been able to accomplish would not have been possible without the support and team effort of our administrative, organizing, and training departments and the Mid-South Carpenters Regional Council staff.


Michael Boner
Executive Secretary Treasurer