MIX 20/20 Out-of-Work List

MIX 20/20 Automated Job Line — Member Instructions

MIX 20/20 Introduction

Mid-South Carpenters Regional Council uses MIX 20/20 to provide members with 24-hour access to information from Regional, and Local Councils. Using a touch-tone phone, you will be able to hear important news and local announcements.

MIX 20/20 also fully automates the job dispatching process; filling jobs in record time with qualified members. Members can hear updates and important information such as Out of Work status, Out of Work date, Telephone Reach Numbers, Work Areas, Skills and Certifications. Please note that members whose dues are not paid through the current month WILL NOT receive job dispatch calls.

If you miss a job call and the position is still open, you can call MIX 20/20 to accept the job by dialing 1 (888) 681-2100.

This “Quick User Guide” provides instructions for using the basic features of MIX 20/20 and includes: updating your Out of Work status, hearing your current skills and accessing news updates from your Local, District or Regional Councils. MIX 20/20 uses voice prompts and recorded messages to let you choose desired menu options. To access other features of MIX, simply listen to the voice prompts and make the desired selections.

Calling MIX 20/20 Automated System

Using a touch-tone phone, dial the MIX 20/20 toll-free number 1 (888) 681-2100 and you will hear...

“Welcome to the MSCRC Member Information Exchange...”

“Please enter your Member ID:”

The first time you use MIX, you must use the last 4 digits of your social as your PIN. Then you will be asked to choose a new PIN — You may use any four-digit number except for the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number.

You can change your PIN at any time, but if you forget it, you’ll need to have it reset by your Local Union.

“Now Enter Your PIN:”

Once you’ve logged in successfully, MIX will ask you to speak your name. You may record just your first name or your full name. When you call in the future, MIX will then speak your recorded name back to you. Also, MIX will ask if you want to register your phone as the primary phone you will be using to contact MIX. If so, you will no longer have to enter your member ID to access MIX, you will only need to enter your PIN.

MIX 20/20 Main Menu Items — Highlights

  1. Job Dispatch — You will need to know the Job ID number to be able to hear details and accept or decline a job. You will need to write down the Job ID number when MIX 20/20 calls you initially with the job details. Or, you can Press 1; then, * to hear a list of job dispatch numbers you have been called for on that day and are positions still available.
  2. Out of Work Status — You can add or remove yourself from the Out of Work List. MIX will automatically update your renewal status each time you call in. You must renew your OWL status every 30 days to be considered for Job Dispatch.
  3. Council Information — if available.
  4. Member Information — Allows the following:
    1. Change PIN
    2. Choose preferred language
    3. Review Telephone Numbers
    4. Text Notification

    Text Messaging — offers the option to receive a text message from MIX if you do not answer a job call. The text message would include the job number and the MIX 20/20 phone number to call. (If you select the text option, you would still also receive a recorded message when you miss a job call.)

  5. More Member Information
    1. Skills
    2. Certifications
    3. Work Areas
    4. Accepted Job details
    5. OWL Date/Time

    Receiving MIX 20/20 Job Dispatches

    Your Local Union utilizes MIX 20/20 Automated Job Dispatch to process job requests. MIX ensures your Council’s OWL Rules and Procedures are followed fairly, precisely and consistently. Please note that members whose dues are not paid through the current month WILL NOT receive job dispatches.

    For security purposes, when you receive a job call, you will be required to enter your PIN before proceeding. After hearing information about the job, you will be asked to either accept or decline the position. If you hang up during a dispatch call, MIX considers it an automatic decline.

    If you miss a dispatch call and the position is still open, you can call the MIX 20/20 Member Information Center at (888) 681-2100 to pursue the job opportunity. You will be able to hear the job details again, and either accept or decline the job — if it has not been filled.

    To assure the integrity of the automated job dispatching process, MIX 20/20 tracks detailed information associated with each job call and stores this information.

    The Automated MIX line can be reached at:

    1 (888) 681-2100

    Receiving A Dispatch Call

    When you answer a job dispatch, you will hear...

    “This is a Job Dispatch call from the MSCRC. This dispatch is intended for... <your first name>. ”

    Or, you may hear...

    “MIX 20/20, press 1” which case you must press ‘1’ to continue.

    The person answering the job call will have the options for MIX 20/20 to wait (up to 3 minutes) for the member to become available; or, call back later (without penalty); or, continue with the job dispatch process at that time. Note: If you have the system call back later, MIX 20/20 will continue to make calls to other members in an effort to fill the job.

    “Please enter your Member PIN:”

    Once your PIN has been validated, you will hear your current number of job declines, and an audio recording describing the new job opportunity and the Job ID number.

    If You Hang Up After Entering Your Pin, MIX 20/20 Will Consider it an Automatic Decline.

    Accepting or Declining a Job

    After hearing the information about the job, choose one of the following numbers on your touch-tone phone to make a selection:

    Press 1: To hear the information again — You can repeat the information up to three times.

    Important Note: Once you have accepted the job, you can replay the job information again as many times as you need by pressing the 2 key.

    Press 2: To Accept the Job — You will hear confirmation that you accepted the job along with additional recorded information (if available) about the job. Your dispatcher and the contractor will then receive written notification of your acceptance and will expect you to arrive on time at the specified location.

    When you accept the job, you will automatically be removed from the Out of Work list. If it turns out to be a short term job, you may contact your local to reinstate your previous out of work date. Important Reminder per the PWL Rules & Procedures: If you accept a job and do not show up for that job, you will be placed on a 30-day restriction from the Out of Work List.

    Press 3: To Decline the Job — MIX will record your decision to decline the job.

    Mix 20/20 Dispatch

    Geographic Work Areas

    In accordance with current Council work rules, you may choose to belong to one or more primary Geo Work Areas. If a job does not fill after calling members on the primary list, MIX can call members on ‘rollover lists’ to attempt to fill the job.

    Skill Codes

    Skill Codes designate the work related skills or other qualifications that you have achieved. For each new job position requested, MIX 20/20 determines which members on the Out Of Work List possess the skills required by that job in order to create a job call list. You must have a Skills Data sheet on file with your Local Union.

    Dispatch Call Order

    MIX 20/20 precisely follows your OWL Rules and Procedures to dispatch jobs. For example, members who have the required skills for a new job are typically called in order of the member with the earliest out of work date first. Work dates are measured to the precise second by MIX 20/20.

    Privacy Manager

    MIX 20/20 is not compatible with the privacy manager feature or two-step voice mail offered by many local telephone companies. Because it is an automated system, MIX callouts may not reach you within the allotted time. If you activate it, MIX 20/20 can send a text messages to your cell phone whenever you miss a job call.