Safety: A business deliverable

Safety is not just a belief for Mid-South carpenters and pile drivers, or even part of the task list. It’s the overriding principle for accomplishing our work. In fact, we regard safety as an equal deliverable with cost and scheduling.

Our goal is developing a safety partnership with owners to protect our greatest asset and the owner’s investment. Our objective is to remove job site injuries, work stoppages and higher project costs due to illness or accidents, worker disabilities and workers’ compensation claims, and death.

Our standards on job site safety include:

We accomplish these standards through aggressive leadership, a conviction to a safety-conscious jobsite environment, and the determination to achieve zero accidents.

Adherence to safe work does not change because of accelerated schedules, change orders, or difficult working conditions. Instead, it becomes an even more important factor. We strive to remove the potential for unsafe acts and unsafe conditions at all times.

No one should have to sacrifice their life for their livelihood, because a nation built on the dignity of work must provide safe working conditions for its people.
— Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez, via

Our difference

is our training.

Mid-South carpenters and pile drivers are trained to work and support an injury- and accident-free job site through attentiveness and continuous improvement in safety measures. Safety training starts on the first day of apprenticeship–and we reinforce safety throughout the carpenter’s and pile driver’s career.

We acquire the skills, knowledge and preparation to be safe workers by focusing on:

  • personal accountability–especially when no one is watching
  • responsibility to others
  • understanding the owner’s safety expectations of the project
  • identifying and calling attention to unique hazardous or unsafe factors
  • safe performance
  • safe behavior in and around the hot work areas
  • safe task completion
  • maintaining current safety, human performance, first-aid, and OSHA qualifications
  • effective communication with co-workers and supervisors during dangerous tasks

Mid-South Contractors

Our employers’ primary goal is to complete a project with no incidents or injuries. Our contractors deliver safety practices at a jobsite by:

Safety and productivity is not an “either or” proposition.

Performing work safely is in the DNA of our carpenters and pile drivers. Safety-conscious contractors know that safety issues are minimized without hindering productivity when our professionals are on the job. It’s a win-win, with stakes that reach far beyond the fiscal benefits for both labor and management.